Estonian Independence Day celebrations should not include the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Nima Sarabi,
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It is our sincere hope that the dear president of Estonia, Alar Karis, and the dear members of the Riigikogu will stand with the Iranians. We ask you to stop legitimizing the Iranian terrorist regime.

While we approach Estonia's Independence Day, Iranian protesters are brutally suppressed. Over 500 people were killed. 69 of them were children under the age of 18. Young protesters were executed without due process or legal representation based on fabricated accusations in sham trials by the Islamic Republic government. Dozens of protesters are at imminent risk of execution after grossly unfair and fast-tracked trials. Over 18,000 people have been detained and tortured since anti-government demonstrations began in mid-September.

There is growing recognition of the inhumanity of the Islamic Republic regime around the world. This includes removing Iran's seat from the UN's commission on women's status. A cancellation of Iranian government representatives' invitations to the Nobel prize ceremony is also included. As a partner in Russia's "genocidal policy," the Islamic republic supplies drones that kill Ukrainian civilians and cut off electricity and gas supplies.

We sincerely ask Estonian leaders to stand in solidarity with the Iranian people and hold the Islamic Republic accountable for its human rights violations. This can be done by not inviting officials from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Finland to the Estonian Independence Day celebrations. They don't represent the Iranian people. Representatives of murderers have no place in the celebration of the independence of a democratic and peaceful country.

We appreciate your support.


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