Kehtestada reegel, mis nõuab suurtelt koeratõugudelt suu katvate seadmete kandmist avalikes kohtades

Vladlen Naydanov,


I request...

...that also small dogs met the same requirement, because people's biten by small dogs happen much more often as from big dogs, because smaller dogs tend to be more aggressive. My two dogs Tii-Reks with 45kg and 60kg are pure Farm dogs and have never biten someone. They would only lick someone to dead! ;-)

  1. You are right, even a small dog can bite. However, I have never heard of lethal attacks by Chihuahuas, whereas such incidents are quite common with medium and large dogs. Moreover, it seems strange to me that fighting breeds of dogs are walked without a muzzle. For example, there is a very affectionate and friendly large dog living in the neighboring house, but that did not stop her from attacking my puppy and trying to break his spine. Furthermore, the dog grabbed me by the hand and left strong bruises when I tried to protect my puppy. The owner of the dog physically could not restrain her enraged pet. Not long ago, another affectionate dog barked fiercely at a child passing by on Pinn Street. Her owner was able to restrain her, but such incidents can be dangerous. Another example is a small dog that an elderly woman was walking and trying to protect. The dog underwent several surgeries and has multiple scars due to an attack by a "loving and kind" dog. I do not understand why I, my puppy, this child, and other people on the street should be put in danger. You are right, any dog can attack. However, the consequences of an attack by a Yorkshire Terrier and an attack by a White Swiss Shepherd or Rottweiler will be different and can be tragic. I am sure that all these cases could have been prevented.