Allow close relatives of all residents of Estonia to enter the country on equal terms

Maksim Shashkov, Daniil Popov, Yury Muzyukin,


@Ekaterina Popova

Hello Ekaterina, Living in Europe is not a right, it is a privilege. The fact, that children cannot travel is not holding children accountable for the war crimes of Kremlin, it is a side-effect of the current government policy. Why is this the current goverment policy, you have probably heard, but in case you haven't - here is a local politician explaining why it is so: How this restriction on relative’s visits of TRP holders helps to restore the situation? It will increase the pressure on public servants, as their can't visit their own relatives either, which will increase the cases of protest and mutiny, which in turn will make the regime less effective in conducting their genocidal policies and illegal war. I don't have to put myself in another person's shoes to see, that most of the population of Russia are cowards afraid to speak up against the regime. I suggest you study the Euromaidan and compare it to antiwar protests in Russia. Then perhaps you can better understand, why most people are judging the public of Russia.

  1. Hello Märt. Thank you for your reply. Could you please elaborate on the following: “ Living in Europe is not a right, it is a privilege” - which meaning do you put into the word “privilege” here? Do you mean that by the fact of being born in a EU country one resident of this country is more privileged than the one who moved here? Many of the TRP holders were invited to work in Estonia as professionals and moved here (with their families or alone) prior to Feb 24 of this year. Would appreciate your explanation on how this category of people is less privileged (and how is any category of the residents of a country can be less privileged or more privileged in general). As for “putting yourself in another person’s shoes” - it is easy to judge and tell other people what to do from the comfort and safety of Europe, but are you sure your actions (not words) would be as brave as you expect them from others if you were “from the other side of the fence”?