Allow close relatives of all residents of Estonia to enter the country on equal terms

Maksim Shashkov, Daniil Popov, Yury Muzyukin,


People of comfort.

In case you want to visit your close relatives, it's possible to do so in third countries, in case they have a visa. Or alternatively you could visit them in Russia. In case you are not satisfied with either option, I suggest you to do as most as is in your power to end this war by voicing your satisfaction about the current Kremlin Regime. Have you considered, that millions of Ukrainians haven't had the chance to visit their family for more than half a year. While you're worried about a temporary restriction... Also as an addition, you could mention that close relatives are also the spouses of your siblings.

  1. dissatisfaction*.

  2. Hello Märt. People may have different circumstances: i.e newborn babies or they might get ill which can make it impossible to travel to third countries or to Russia; also, in many cases - it is children that cannot be visited by their grandparents (can we hold them accountable?). We are residents of Estonia, we live here, work here, pay taxes, pay loans/mortgages etc. Most of us became residents before February 24 of this year. Would you please specify what exactly you mean by “to do as most as in your power to end this war” and how this restriction on relative’s visits of TRP holders helps to restore the situation? I always thought that one can only judge another (for doing or not doing something) when they “put on the other person’s shoes” - this may change the perspective a lot. Thank you.