Appeal to the President of Estonia and Members of Parliament in support of Ukraine

Iryna Yatsiuk,


Stop. It's not business for Estonia.

Why the hell Estonia should support Ukraine this this situation? So far as I see, Ukrainian president only passes his time in Instagram, cleaning all comments that are calling him to have diplomatic conversation. and it means that he can handle everything by himself. Disabling Russia from Swift will also cause big problems to Estonian business and people will loose their jobs. Who the hell needs it? Our government promised to support Ukrainian refugees in Estonia, but who will help Estonians, who lives here whole life? Estonia don't have to suffer, just to make others suffer less. Stop this bullshit, for god's sake. Once this conflict started I used support Ukraine morally. But now I see how it all goes and actually see that Russia's actions make sense somehow. Ukraine is a Crab mentality. Once they are falling, they will scream so much as they can, but will do only one tenth, to save themselves. Ukraine always demonstrates itself as independent and mighty country, so let them show first, what can they do to help themselves. They were warned about operation/war coming, they did nothing about it. Please, quit kidding around and provide help to Ukraine by yourself. You can donate your own money. Most of you will have some taxes refund soon, so feel free to send all of it to Ukraine, instead asking government to do this :) We already have a lot of dumb political persons in government. Quit it. We don't need this European Somalia in NATO or EU.