Appeal to the President of Estonia and Members of Parliament in support of Ukraine

Iryna Yatsiuk,



- To insist on introducing maximally severe sanctions against the Russian Federation, with disconnecting it from SWIFT and establishing a trading embargo against it; Unfortunately this does not work as you think, because Russian enterprises would be not mor able to payback there loans to the west an will result in Milliarden of Euros damages to westetn Banks - To support full isolation of Russia in all formats; ??? - To introduce immediate sanctions for all Russian oligarchs, not just a few individuals like that has been done so far; That's perfect - To provide further military support for Ukraine, including weapons and ammunition. Anti-aircraft armaments are especially important; This IS already done by Estonia (anti aircraft missiles), Germany (AAM and Anti-Tank Missils) and France. - To provide financial aid for Ukraine; Already ongoing - To initiate the defence of the Ukrainian airspace by NATO - it is the decisive factor that would save lives. Ukraina is not a NATO member, hence an intervention mean, EUROPE would launch the 3rd World War. I do not think, people agree with this.