Seisame Eesti vabaduse eest

Helen Star Cave,


Separate initiatives

It might be better to break this text down into discrete initiatives in order to maximize its chances of success. For example, as a separate initiative, you could make a good case that our constitutional and human rights (including what we choose to put into our bodies) should be inalienable. I would support this. Separately, there is also a need to limit government powers in an "emergency situation". Obviously, government needs to act fast and therefore may not be able to consult the people but this should not give the government free-reign to pass any legislation it wants. It looks like they passed laws to keep certain "emergency situation" powers after the end of the emergency (e.g. powers to enforce social distancing rules). I would also refrain from making unsubstantiated claims based on circumstantial evidence (e.g. linking the pandemic with 5G networks); you need causal evidence. This will likely hurt your chances of garnering support.