Valju muusika ja bassi vibratsioon elamurajoonis

Fares Saleh Rashed Abdulreh Alteneiji,



Why do you rent an appartement in the City, if you know already before, that you have a Restaurant/Dicothek under your bed? Also the weekend is the main income for Restaurants and Discotheks. You simply can not restrict from one day to another Restaurants and Discotheks because ir will reduce the theire incomw by 50% or even more.

  1. Thank you for your reply. First of all we don’t rent ,we own properties and we live here. We don’t have to move because of people unethical and inhuman practice in the area. All of these business owners and workers I belive are not living here so basically they don’t care about other people maybe because they are selfish or something else who knows. I have been in the area for around 5 years. The issue with the musics pollution was not existing to the level its today. Many business are in the area such as restaurants , cafes , bar/wine shop etc. Some shops was exiting before I live in the area and they never have caused us problems with loud music, and they are still operating, so they are financially fine I guess without loud music or DJ every week. Additional to that many issues occur to the ear and hearing by these loud bass and tones produced by the Dj inside the businesses which could cause damages to the people but its not something I should protect people from. I belive they know of the side effects of the loud music. I understand from your comment that you are saying that music is what bring money to these businesses. Then maybe if the business is looking for the fast money, I belive many things will generate money faster than renting DJ everyweek. For example: crypto mining seems a good profitable way to get money and it doesn’t cause noise that someone cant sleep in his own home. First we tried nicely to talk with the businesses about the noise but they somehow mostly don’t care so we deicide to keep contacting police by different ways complaining about the noise (around every week). that’s currently the only way to fight back this kind of unpleasant activities related to loud noise and vibration. You belive I should not live in the city. the same question should be asked why the Discotheks is in the living area next to people homes and buildings? In my view , I see that the best place for the Discotheks is outside of the city. Estonia have many empty lands that can become Discotheks at least to be far from people homes and residential area. People need to have a comfortable atmosphere in their properties and not being targeted by Discotheks activities.

  2. Answer part 2 One day the government might decide to change the -Quiet period timing - public music noise level -Dj activities - other aspects related to noise pollution because the majority of Rigikoju believes that changes is needed to improve the life quality in Estonia.(with or without my petition). One great point which is not directly involved to out main point in this petition or discussion . In Netherland they are in the move to ban cigarette in the country i believe by 2032, in the current moment I believe you cant buy cigarettes from supermarkets, you can only from patrol station or some machine in some places, also you cant smoke in streets. Why do you think all these changes is happing, to improve the quality on living in the country. Our life in being effect a lot by the noise pollution in the area, there is limit for everything and many people have crossed the limit. So we have to take greater actions against their violations.