Maksustada välismaiste telekommunikatsiooni ettevõtete kasumit

Reimo Lindorg,



The higest speed you can get with 5G is 300MBit/s and since most AP-Radiostations have maximum 10GBit which has to be shared by several 100 customers you have automatic a speed limitation. Do not tell me, Telia should install some 10GBit APs more, because each AP cost including the VHS Router approximstely 120.000€. I have my own CISCO 12000 series Router which cost not even fully equiped 280.000€, not mention my 8 IBM Servers (it is my secondary business). I have my own 42U Rack with a 10GBit connection in a big Datacenter in Frankfurt/Germany and I now vety well, how much such things cost. Your request would violate the free market and if you do not like Telia, you are free to choose another Provider. Maybe StarLink is someting fore you, where you can get easily 100MBit and cheaper then Telia. Only the Satelit Router and the Dish will you hurt a little bit.

  1. Please do not drink more. i dont want ur crappy 5g. all discussion are about FIBRE CABLE!