Maksustada välismaiste telekommunikatsiooni ettevõtete kasumit

Reimo Lindorg,


Strange (last mile access)

It seems, you misundrrstand something with the "last mile" whichvis cobsidered the same as a fixed telephone line or DSL I live country side 20km from Rakvere and pay 22€ a month, have unlimited traffic downstream 25MBit/s and Upstream 5MBit/s For 7€ more, I can have the speed doubled. HOW TO GET IT? Go to the Telia shop and request a Home Router. Oh, you can also get a fixed phone number for 4 € extra... Any questions? Oh, I have this 16€ abo for my Smartphone and my Tablet too, It is called Multi SIM Mobile internet and I have 10 MBit/s Downstream and 1 MBit/s Upstream (the speed depends on the area where you are, becsusevas more people using internet in the cell, as lower is the speed) and i pay 20€ for two SIMs and 16 GByte traffic per month which I have never exceeded since 2017 when I migrated to Estonia.

  1. ok, ill go telia shop and request a home router`? did u know that these what telia offers are NOT routers. and u have 25/5? . well its a year 2023 , not 1999. my requirement is 1gbps and up