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Peatatud: 2 allkirja

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"I am Alex, a person with disabilities, and so I would like to raise the topic about this..." Why do people with disabilities have so few rights? Many cannot go on to study, or even work. Only because of the fact that; They studied at a special school, studied at a simplified education program, or simply because of the fact that he is with his zest - with a restriction. Let's say a person can't walk, but his head works well, but he still won't be hired. Just because he can't walk. Is he guilty of something? I think not. Also, why is there no help for such special people? Why doesn't the state want to help them? I will give my example: I have a diagnosis of SMA-2, I am familiar with a couple more people, my diagnosis. Not so long ago, a medicine appeared - Risdiplam. It is very expensive, not many will have such big money as 50 thousand. or 100 thousand euros per year. Why can't the state pay for this medicine? Or pay at least half of the amount? Is that so much for them? And now let's talk about establishments ... For the frequent wherever I am, almost everywhere there is no way to get into the room in a wheelchair. Why do they think about ordinary people again, but not special ones? And finally, why are so few children, especially teenagers, unaware that such people as special people exist at all?

I suggest that in schools, students should be told about people like us. So that there are opportunities for people with disabilities to get into institutions. And also so that the country - somehow got to such people.