Foreigners who have lost their jobs must be taken care of and shown they matter, not made to leave

Jolanta Cihanovica,
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The Minister of the Interior Mart Helme suggested amendments to the Aliens Act and the Obligation to Leave and Prohibition on Entry Act, the main purpose of which is to ensure that third-country nationals who have lost their jobs leave Estonia as soon as possible.
These amendments are inhumane, contradictory to European values and damaging Estonian economy.


The amendments should be rejected and denounced, and third-country nationals who have lost their jobs should be given help and support.


These amendments are harmful for Estonia, for three reasons.
First, they are against European values. Europe takes care of people and puts their needs and interests first, contrary to the post-Soviet focus on the interests of the power and state, inhumanly using people as instruments and resources.
If Estonia wants to be a proud European country, it should act according to the European values, not against them.
Second, they are simply inhuman. Losing a job in a situation of crisis we are all in now can per se be a very stressful thing for anyone. And in this situation anyone who has been working in Estonia, paying taxes and therefore contributing to its economy and wellbeing of its people, should have full support of the state and know that they matter.
Third, these amendments show that Estonia is not a friendly, welcoming country for foreigners. This will surely affect potential employees' decision to go eslewhere to work, and will make it more difficult (and expensive) for Estonian employers to find employees abroad. Therefore, the amendments will worsen the economical development of the country.


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