Government subsidies to Pajumäe talu

Ivan Okhotnikov,
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The economic situation in Estonia does not allow its people to support local farmers, because, with all the decisions that were made in the EU and Estonia itself, local farmers had to raise prices for their products to the point, where the average Estonian citizens, outside big cities with higher marginal salaries, can't afford to buy their product. Another ethical, clean, and honest family business, developed by hardworking Estonian entrepreneurs, is about to be closed. Another step away from a proud independent nation that respects its hardworking farmers to an economic dependency on the foreign food industry.

The Estonian government should create a healthier economic environment for smaller businesses with a good credit history and a long presence on the market, to help them survive the crisis. Helping those like Päjumäe Talu to increase their production and lower the cost of production. Increasing production could help lower the price of the product to make it more affordable for customers, which has the potential to help the company grow. Otherwise, the market will be monopolized by bigger companies, who can abuse the worsening situation in the country to outlive the competition by using unethical methods like manipulating prices and quality of products on the market. The Estonian market lacks healthy competition in the organic agriculture field as it is, and "outside" competitors can use this situation on the market to dominate it, and leave Estonia dependent on outside sources in the long run. Consuming without actually producing value for the Estonian economy could be another missed opportunity to create value for the nation, like jobs, healthy, locally controlled products, and cash flow. Aiming solely to benefit the shareholders, the bigger companies force the economy to move away from healthy Capitalism to Corporatocracy, where morals like national legacy, hard work, quality of the product, and production ethics, can be destroyed by the sore goal of accumulating more wealth and power by those, who already achieved it. In January 2024, during the World Economic Forum's annual meeting, Disease X was once again discussed as being a potential threat following the COVID-19 pandemic and looking back on how Estonia was struggling through the COVID-19 crisis, the health of the population and anything related to it, should be the top priority. Food is a necessity and with the current state of the Healthcare Institutes in Estonia, should be of the highest quality to lower the impact on consumers' health and strain on healthcare workers, which is already an issue by itself in Estonia.


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