Petitsioon võimaldada igaühel maksta kütte eest vastavalt tegelikule tarbimisele

Milosz Maksimovic,



I am German and live now since 2017 permanently in Estonia on a Bio Farm. I lived in France (35 years) and Germany and in both countries the heating costs are the real cost based on the device installed on the Radiator or an energy counter in the hor water pipe from the heating system which is much more precise, because they are methods to fool the device (condensation based) on the radiators. However, measuring the used energy directly on the radiators is standard in Germany for more the 40 years. Please, Milosz Maksimovic, change your petition that it reflect also the concerns of Bogdan Parubok, because they are 100% valid. I will sign the petition.

  1. Thank you for the comment. First I will tell you that I agree with you and Mr. Parubok. Unfortunately Estonia failed to protect us, the customers, same time protecting housing associations which make huge profit signing agreements with companies directly connected with them. Housing associations are also managing our heating. And way they do it is not fair. For example big part of my housing association represent owner of 30 air bnb apartments,his clients are maximizing heating and opening windows. I am rarely home. My heating is on minimum, but my bills are very high. I cannot even rent this apartment due to high cost. I tried in court but unfortunately some people are above law. I will not go into details. Even before energy rise my heating bill was at 3/4 of total monthly housing association bill. I think old system you are writing about is now exchanged by modern system . And there are different possibilities and measurements systems. What I actually want is exactly what Mr Parubok is writing about. What should i add in your opinion to make my petition more clear? Thank you.